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Published March 26, 2019

007 Copyrights & Trademarks


Intellectual property is a topic with which anyone active in social media, blogging, and any form of electronic media must familiarize themselves.  Attorney Adam Garson discusses with Ranalli and Volpe various aspects of intellectual property with focus on his forte, copyright and trademark law.

Copyright infringement comes in many forms. Adam explains that simply attributing content to its proper owner does not necessarily indemnify a poster from copyright infringement. Permissions are necessary. Likewise, by sharing content on certain sites, an author often relinquishes his copyright to that content. Of course, if the author is a known entity—an established brand—his name is protected by a common law trademark. That means anyone who claims attribution for his content is in violation of that trademark.

The lines might appear fine and confusing, which is why it is always best to consult a professional.

Thank you DiFabio’s for allowing us to take up valuable dining room real estate. The food was delicious as always. Thank you Chico’s Vibe for allowing us to use your copyrighted music as beds to our show. If you’ve never heard Chico’s Vibe, check out this clip:


03:12 Adam defines intellectual property.

05:35 Even with proper attribution, copyrights can be infringed.

09:15 One client learned the hard way that everything on the Internet is not free.

10:10 Gene and Adam define and discuss CCL—Creative Commons Licensing

11:27 Going off course, Gene makes a left turn and brings up Net Neutrality. It’s not clear what he was thinking but Adam offers some keen insight into the subject.

15:35 Adam explains common law trademark and potential brand infringement.

18:05 Social media “terms of service” and the effect on copyrights and trademarks.

19:32 Gene’s almost famous hairless head.

23:00 The growth of social media and its effect on the intellectual property business.

23:18 Adam’s article, “Dos and Don’ts when posting images online.”

25:30 Understanding trademarks. Adam explains and emphasizes the importance of doing a proper trademark search.

27:20 What Adam does when he’s not wearing his lawyer hat.

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