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Published January 13, 2019

0001 Marketing RV with Ranalli & Volpe


In the inaugural episode of Marketing RV, Ranalli and Volpe discuss the importance of naming your brand, or product. The pair picked an easy and necessary topic to launch their show, as at that point they had no name for their podcast. They only knew they wanted to share with the masses their passion for marketing. Throughout the show, they discuss various methods for coming up with a brand name and how the process is part of defining your brand.

This half hour of fun is as important to fledgling businesses as it is to established businesses because it is always wise to step back and evaluate your brand for lasting power. One of the key tips to attaching a name to your brand is to consider scalability. Will your name serve you as your business grows geographically and fiscally?

Alas, Ranalli and Volpe complete the show without choosing a name for their brand but like a baby cannot leave a hospital without a name, the pair does not leave Pica’s without one. Instead, they pool their resources, including the live audience, to establish Marketing RV. Find out how they came up with it and what it means in episode two.


6:42VistaPrint is cited for its article containing 20 tips to choosing a company name.

7:00 – Lego actually means play well. Listen to find out in what language.

11:00 – Lead by example in life and in business. It’s all part of your brand. Book recommendation: Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek.

14:00 – Adobe got its name from a creek with the same name than ran by the founder’s home.

14:53 – Avoid names that can potentially pigeonhole your brand.

19:33 – Where did the name ‘Twitter’ come from?

21:40 – Gene’s Real Estate Tip: Be passionate. Build your brand one block at a time and include carefully chosen colors, persona, and name.

Recommended read: Your Brand’s True Colors, John Williams. Entrepreneur Magazine.

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