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Published February 12, 2019

Episode 003 Marketing RV with Ranalli & Volpe

Tech and Beer


When marketing our businesses, it is easy to use the tools with which we are most comfortable. However, as Lorraine constantly stresses in her writing and soft skills training courses, it is always best to cater to the audience by communicating in their preferred style. The concept seems obvious. Often businesses or business leaders think they do just that when in reality, they do not. That is because we are wired to go with what we know, and we assume what is familiar and comfortable to us is familiar and comfortable to others, too.

“Like, duh! Everyone knows that.”


The truth is we all grow up accepting the reality that has been presented to us. So, we use the tools that we find most comfortable. For generations of people born around 1980 or later, those tools are likely electronic in nature. It’s what they know because electronics have always been part of their lives. Those born before 1980 have to learn the new tools. Many embrace change and take it upon themselves to learn the new. Thus, the learning curve is seamless. Reluctant types find adapting a little more difficult. Still, some refuse to learn, rendering themselves or their businesses obsolete.

Gene and Lorraine explore the effects of adopting technology on personal and professional success and the direct correlation to wealth accumulation. They reference the Bloomberg article, Super Rich Americans are Getting Younger and Multiplying. This show is not all about facts and figures, unless you consider the effect of beer on your figure, which is the central theme of Gene’s soon-to-be-launched podcast Barbells & Beer. Lorraine, on the other hand, isn’t really a drinker but seems to really enjoy hanging out at bars, which is why the pair broadcasts from Pica’s in    West Chester, PA. They welcome you to the table. So, keep an eye on the Marketing RV social pages to find out when you can be part of their next broadcast.

Shout outs to Chico’s Vibe and their spinoff band Doc 7 for the Marketing RV music bed. The song you hear is She is There by Doc 7.


6:00     As a group, the 35 – 54-year-old age range has experienced a 41% decrease in net worth in the past decade because their money is wrapped up in the housing market.

7:30     Gene’s experience with professionals has been that those within ten years of retirement are being hammered by their reluctance to embrace technology.

8:00     Gene discusses how tech has completely turned real estate marketing around.

10:20   Bullying is no longer relegated to the recess yard. Technology makes it a 24/7 game. What impact does that have on kids’ psyche?

19:00   Beermeister or kegerator? Meet a sea faring beermeister.

24:00   Heat maps can pinpoint exactly where people are clicking on your site, enabling you to direct traffic. Crazy Egg says you need heat maps. Gene and Lorraine want to know what you think.

27:00   This is the best marketing tool for Real Estate or any business.

28:00   Gene says insights should drive marketing. Do you think he answered his own question about heat maps? Weigh in.

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