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Published February 19, 2019

Episode 004 Marketing RV with Ranalli & Volpe

Regulating Influencers


On one hand, our Marketing RV hosts think the internet should be completely free from government regulation. Actually, that’s the only hand that matters to both Ranalli and Volpe. They do recognize, however, that none are immune from making stupid decisions based on influencers. So maybe the solution is for individuals to be aware of the potential fraud in cyberspace and any space, and to do some homework before acting or reacting. Whether it’s a purchase, a diet trend, trying a new exercise, or even commenting on a post, pause and think about the consequences. Sure, that’s easier said than done but the alternative is a nanny state, and who wants that?

Social media influencers is the topic of this podcast. One story our food-enthusiast hosts did not cover was the Fyre that burned a lot of young people expecting a luxury vacation and music festival.  

Fyre may have singed the entire influencer industry, or at the very least created permanent smoke damage. Click here to read about the scandal involving a remote tropical island, models, and much anticipated music festival. If you’re not familiar with the story, check out Vanity.   


01:00   Gene auditions for WKRP

01:15   Gene reveals a secret: ha has no hair!

04:30   16 UK social media influencers agree to disclose they are paid sponsors see who they are here. Do you know any of these 16? Lorraine knew none; Gene knew one.

Here’s an update to that story:

07:17   Should celebs disclose they are being paid to endorse products? Gene’s use of UFC’s Joe Rogan is just an example. He’s still a fan!

13:20   “This is where Twitter stepped out of their space.”  

14:25   Is Twitter dead?

17:55   Lorraine contends Mac and Microsoft choose to not get along.

19:00   Gene and Lorraine contend that government regulation will ruin the internet.     

20:15   Gene admits to being lost without GPS. Find out where he goes to recalculate his route.

21:30   Gene and Lorraine are afraid of autonomous vehicles.

22:15   Two teens stumped by rotary phone challenge. Watch it here.

25:15   According to Buzzsumo, LinkedIn is the Heavyweight in B2B Content Marketing.

28:00   Gag me! Are we listening to Ranalli & Volpe or those polite little cartoon chipmunks Chip & Dale?

28:40   When did Lorraine become the grammar police?

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