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Published March 2, 2019

005 Marketing RV with Ranalli & Volpe

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To blog or not to blog that is the question posed in this episode of Marketing RV. While businesses scramble to embrace content marketing, which is all the rage, how many understand the impetus for content. Lorraine, the PR traditionalist, touts the benefits of attracting attention by giving the audience key takeaways via content. Although Gene prefers video messaging over straight text, he explains why text is such an important part of all your electronic marketing.

Two guests get some airtime on this show. Real estate agent Dave Joslin reveals the best piece of advice Gene ever gave him. As Gene’s former high school football coach, Dave also speaks candidly about Gene’s athletic prowess, or lack thereof.

Christine Rizzo also dropped by DiFabio’s Market & Tap to participate in the show and gain insight on leveraging social media to promote the Shevlin Family Foundation, where she serves as executive director. The Shevlin Family Foundation supports families of those struggling with addiction. They provide short-term housing for addicts going into or coming out of recovery. They also supply basic household goods. Christine also explains her transition from regulatory compliance consultant to teacher, to non-profit leader.

Food is always an integral part of Marketing RV but you’ll also snag these takeaways:

Plus, you’ll learn how and why memes came to be.

Our goal is to reach 55,000 followers by summer. So, download the show free from your preferred podcast vendor and tell two friends about it. Then they’ll tell two friends, and they’ll tell two friends, and so on…


We make it easy, providing markers for those who think they can’t give up an entire half hour.

00:30   Gene conflates the show’s name. …. Again!

01:46   “Six Bad Social Media Habits to Break” Also see “6 Bad Social Media Habits for Real Estate Agents to Break.”

02:30   How memes came to be.

06:56   Lorraine tells the Bob meatball story.

09:00   Lead generation dictates what you put on your site.

09:40   What happened to Cucina Chatter, Lorraine Explains

12:00   Meet Dave Joslin, Emcee & DJ, realtor, and weight loss enthusiast

13:20   Lorraine invokes Sabastian Maniscalco to explain why Gene never played high school basketball.

15:00   Dave divulges the best piece of advice Gene ever gave him.   

15:35   As a football player, Gene was “unimpressionable,” said Dave.

17:00   Gene eats the mic and then complains, “We gotta get a new audio engineer. Our audio engineer sucks.”  

17:35   Meet Christine Rizzo, executive director of Shevlin Family Foundation.

21:00   Gene talks about how to engage Facebook followers.

30:20   Gene’s hoagie goes viral. Gene and Lorraine tout their favorite roll, Liscio’s because It’s all about the bread.

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