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Published March 14, 2019

006 Marketing RV with Ranalli & Volpe

Laws & Stories

Think about the fond conversations you have with family and friends as you sit around a kitchen table breaking bread. That warm, familial, and familiar feeling is akin to the Marketing RV podcast experience. Like a kitchen table conversation, this show moves quickly, entertaining while informing about the topic at hand. It is not too dissimilar to Cucina Chatter, Lorraine’s radio show and podcast from 2010 to 2012 that Gene often references and intentionally botches.

In this episode Lorraine and Gene broach legal issues involving online content. Find out who owns copyrights, how easy it is for anyone to violate trademarks, and how infringement on either damages an organization’s reputation.

Realtor Dave Joslin returns to the show to discuss Isagenix, the weight loss program that put his brand on the map. Isagenix is a weight loss program sold via multilevel marketing. Dave was never interested in it but purchased it in 2017 from a friend who pitched it incessantly. The product sat for months until one day in mid-2018 Dave got fed up with his body and decided to make a change. He has never looked back and by all accounts has not looked as good in years. Dave shares the story of his weight loss and his viral ham video.

Interesting and relatable as a weight loss story is, Lorraine and Gene were taken by the way this personal story boosted Dave’s presence in the crowded real estate landscape. Sometimes successful marketing is a matter of sitting back, taking stock of all the elements that comprise your brand, and leveraging to the best of your ability. Dave said the key is to just start.

Gene echoes Dave’s sentiments when Lorraine questions him about the most common concerns of his clients. When it comes to marketing, it appears getting started is the most difficult think for individuals and organizations, even those that have all the tools in place.

Lorraine touts Nike’s hugely successful “Just do it!” tag line that will live in infamy. She latter posted the infamous swoosh on her LinkedIn page, inviting followers to share their favorite tag lines. The post is still going strong and attracting thousands of views.

Bringing the show full circle, Lorraine and Gene advise not to run from or hide negative responses and feedback to social posts and welcome your feedback to the Marketing RV podcast. So, listen and leave your comments! The podcast is free and you will not regret investing 30 minutes.

Shout outs to Chico’s Vibe and Doc 7 for the show’s theme music!


00:33 We need 55,000 followers. Yo!

02:15 Broadcasting from DiFabio’s Market & Tap, Gene and Lorraine give a virtual tour.  

03:30 Shout out to theater companies. This is your chance to get involved in the hilarious stage show “La Famiglia.”

05:11 Gene’s favorite text game, “Where am I” is how we landed at DiFabio’s. Shout out to Pagano’s in Drexel Hill, which Gene also frequents.

07:15 Discussion of plagiarism, copyrights, and trademarks ensues, prompting an invitation for Intellectual Property Attorney Adam Garson to the show, which he later accepted. Subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss his appearance. 

12:00 Gene puts Lorraine on the spot to giveaway Gravy Wars during a yet-to-be-determined contest. We need you to help us figure this out.

15:13 Good ethics is giving appropriate credit to those whose content you “borrow.”

16:30 Dave Joslin talks about weight loss and selling anything.

26:22 Lorraine asks Gene what most people are most concerned about when it comes to electronic marketing. In response, Gene echoes Dave’s sentiment, just start, and he explains how to avoid being overwhelmed by all the platforms.

30:15 While soliciting feedback, Gene suggests you “Tell everyone Gene’s pretty and Lorraine’s got a big mouth.” 

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