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Published April 2, 2019

008 Terrestrial & Web Radio


Radio is not dead. It’s more alive now than ever with a plethora of options, niche shows, and channels that include everything from podcasts, to traditional AM/FM to shortwave. While platforms and delivery methods vary, the common denominator is delivering content, providing listeners with value to keep them tuned in. Marketing RV welcomes veteran broadcaster and Nashville darling Paul Ladd to the show to discuss his program, which broadcasts worldwide over shortwave and online. 

Lorraine has fun discussing the industry with her fellow radio veteran and you’ll appreciate how terrestrial radio seamlessly utilizes electronic marketing to attract listeners. This is just another example how new and traditional media unite.

Paul’s show, The English Hour, airs twice daily on World Christian Radio, a network he describes as “NPR got Religion.” The English Hour is a human-interest show featuring well known authors, politicians, entertainers, journalists, etc. He tells the RV about several of his more notable interviews including news anchor Larry Kane, singer/song writer Michael McDonald, and the famed Fisk Jubilee Singers. Paul was in town for a keynote at the Shortwave Speakers Festival.

In this episode you’ll get a preview of Gene’s new podcast Barbells & Brews as well as insight into his musical tastes, or lack thereof. Help Gene answer his burning question, “If I come to Nashville, will I want to kill myself?”

We are grateful to DiFabio’s for allowing us to take up valuable dining room real estate. The food was delicious as always. We are also grateful to Chico’s Vibe for granting us permission to use their copyrighted music as show beds. Here’s a great clip of Chico’s Vibe from a few years back with Preston & Steve on WMMR:


Skip the first minute! You’ll never get those 60 seconds back!

01:20 Gene goes rogue with some sort of rap.

01:45 Shout out to Sterling Pig with free beer.

02:34 Introducing Barbells & Brews, Gene’s other podcast.

03:20 Meet veteran broadcaster and Nashville darling Paul Ladd.

03:52 Paul plugs Impact: Deliver Effective, Meaningful, and Memorable Presentations

07:24 Paul is a storyteller. He talks about the shortwave network, his show, and some of his famous guests.

13:45 In light of our recent foray into intellectual property, Paul explains the extent to which his network goes to comply with fair use, and music royalty enterprises BMI and ASCAP.

14:51 Gene gets the lowdown on Nashville

16:55 Paul drops names—the musical artists he’s interviewed.

24:00 Paul reveals some Philly favorites that he’s interviewed. a

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