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Published April 15, 2019

009 Leverage Employee Ambassadors


How do you leverage your employees for marketing purposes? With the right protocols in place, the concept is not as risky as it appears. Lorraine advocates for identifying those within an organization who are most likely to actively cheerlead, and then equipping them to do so. Gene waves the caution flag, noting potential liability.

In the end, both Lorraine and Gene agree that all things considered—industry, type of organization, product, mission, etc.—with solid policies in place, clear communication, and sound training and development in place, employees or staff should be encouraged to function as brand ambassadors. Check out Gary Vaynerchuk’s video, Why you might need to fire your most talented employee. He explains the value of emotional intelligence and how continuity and lack of politics will make your company grow faster. If Gary’s three-minute video is not enough to convince you to choose wisely for your organization, read Jim Collins’ Good to Great.

This episode of Marketing RV was recorded at The Porch at the Lamb Tavern in Springfield, PA. Lorraine and Gene make the rounds actively with Marketing RV. Get in touch to find out how to bring the podcast to your location.

Here are links to upcoming broadcast venues mentioned in this show:

Fearless Restaurants – reached out to Marketing RV via Facebook to schedule broadcasts from any or all of their seven restaurants. Holla!

White Dog Cafe

The Blue Octagon

Michael’s Selling In Philadelphia and South Jersey


02:00 Calling all RV dealers.

08:40 Gene wants to know the ulterior motive to employee enthusiasm.

10:30 Incentivize employees to be brand ambassador.

11:42 Bob chimes in from the background.

14:25 Shout out to Michael Giuda of KW.

14:50 Gene describes the unique marketing advantage that is underutilized by real estate brokers.

17:48 Gene predicts advertising will go VR and AI, soon!

19:28 First step to using your staff to market your business, is identifying your cheerleaders.

25:48 Avoiding social media pitfalls that could land you in court.

25:55 Basic elements your social media policy should contain.

27:00 Why you might need to fire your most talented employees.

28:32 Teaching technology vs. attitude.

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