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Published May 1, 2019

010 #LifeHacks


“Life hack (or life hacking) is any trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life” (Wikipedia). #LifeHacks Speaker Series is the name of Jennifer Koenig McDevitt’s business. Similar to traditional speakers’ bureaus, Jennifer’s speakers are experts in their fields who offer a valuable life hack and go through a vetting process. The secret sauce is how this business serves a broader niche and pairs speakers with businesses and organizations.

Jennifer is a Super Connector, who through skillfulness, perseverance, and risk-taking has been involved with the success of at least three major networking services as either founder, partner, or both. Jennifer shared her story of beating the odds after being hacked, if you will, personally and professionally by a former trusted paid consultant. Despite the attempted sabotage, Fabulous Shoe Night, a networking/social group with chapters across the country, prevailed. Fabulous Shoe Night has a for-profit model that raises funds for local charities or people in need.

PowerMatch is a networking group with which Jennifer has been involved for more than five years, and for which she now runs a territory. Its unique model takes the guesswork out of networking by pairing professionals with individuals working in fields with which they want to network. After joining the PowerMatch staff, Jen identified a need and started her #LifeHacks Speaker Series business. She’s a serial entrepreneur who understands partnering to marketing, which made her an ideal Marketing RV guest.

After receiving a last minute invitation, Jennifer spontaneously joined Lorraine and Gene for this Marketing RV podcast from The Porch at the Lamb Tavern in Springfield. Everything about this episode is serendipitous—from the way it came about, to the topics and the various interconnections uncovered between hosts and guest.

While Lorraine and Gene were thrilled and delighted by providence, they were not surprised because this is exactly the type of marketing they practice and the intended outcome for which they strive via the Marketing RV podcast.

Unable to contain her enthusiasm as Jennifer described #LifeHacks Speaker Series, Lorraine divulged details about her 2017 #public speaking Twitter experiment that led to the release of her book, Impact! Deliver Effective, Meaningful, and Memorable Presentations. Like an excitable kid in a candy store, Lorraine continued connecting dots, pitching herself and Gene as #LifeHacks Speakers and offering Gene’s digital marketing consulting services.

Pay particular attention to the very end of the show when Jen reveals the irony of a personal challenge in light of her newest endeavor.


04:50 How Fabulous Shoe Night came to fruition.

06:06 Fabulous Shoe Night adopts a charitable model and grows.

07:49 The significance of the shoes—it’s not about high end or high heels, it’s about feeling fabulous.

09:34 For profit and charitable.

11:08 Gene describes serenading his wife … with about 100 Mummers.

13:32 Persevering after a trusted, paid consultant hacked Jen’s business and her reputation.

16:13 Jen explains why she decided to forego legal action.

17:20 PowerMatch—a unique networking model.

19:42 Jen approaches Sara Rosenberg to become a part of the PowerMatch team.

20:14 Classic example of entrepreneurialism.

21:09 #LifeHacks partners with PowerMatch.

24:14 The #LifeHacks Speakers emblem.

26:10 ATTENTION BUSINESSES: #LifeHacks Speaker Series wants hosts. Opportunity!

28:15 Serendipity! Lorraine connects the dots.

30:05 Merge traditional networking and online networking to maximize marketing.

31:45 Irony—the other life challenge Jen overcame.

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