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Published May 7, 2019

011 Growth Through PR


While Ranalli and Volpe broadcast from White Dog Café in Wayne, Pa., they explain their unique podcast model that marries new and traditional media, and they dig into the success of Fearless Restaurants. So, there’s a little something for every business enthusiast in this show.

White Dog is all about being a good neighbor. Partnering with Alpha Bravo Canine, a local organization that raises and trains service dogs for veterans with PTSD, the three (soon to be four) White Dog Cafés raise funds via Dining Out with the Dogs. The goal is to raise at least $50,000 through the annual event to cover the cost of training one dog for one veteran. Hmmm… What if the annual event, in partnership with Philadelphia’s WMMR, raised $50K at each White Dog Café location to cover the cost of raising and training three dogs? Consider that a challenge!

Here’s a challenge for Marketing RV enthusiasts: Alpha Bravo Canine’s Jennifer Green is looking for warehouse space to train the dogs with veterans. It needs to be ground level to accommodate the veterans. It doesn’t have to be an entire warehouse. What a great opportunity to be charitable and serve!

Jaimi Blackburn is the Director of Public Relations for Fearless Restaurants. Wait until you hear some of the fantastic events she’s cooked up to promote the chain and engage the community, including the Fearless Women Speakers Series.

Ranalli and Volpe pack a lot of info in each 30-ish-minute episode of Marketing RV. Yes, even the useless info is fun! Check out the highlights if you’re too cool to listen beginning to end, but don’t miss what Gene has to say about Facebook changing its newsfeed to make it more one-on-one. And you thought you could rest on the laurels of your current social media strategy?


01:15 Lorraine learns that Gene never really intended to partner with her on the podcast.

02:00 The Marketing RV podcast model defined. Meet Fearless Restaurant’s Director of Public Relations, Jaimi Blackburn.

10:25 White Dog Café was farm-to-table decades before farm-to-table was a thing.

12:45 Danalynn’s left eyebrow goes up when she likes the food… she can’t fake it.

13:50 Jaimi reveals what she believes is the most amazing treat at White Dog Café.

16:00 White Dog Café is proud to support Alpha Bravo Canine.

20:20 Real estate space wanted! Alpha Bravo Canine needs space to train veterans with their service dogs.  

23:50 Captain Obvious points out the benefits of live networking.

24:35 Gene tips us off on where Facebook could be heading with its next algorithm change.

28:30 Attention to plating pays huge dividends in social media marketing.

28:50 Does Starbucks train employees to misspell names on cups on purpose?

29:00 Ranalli and Volpe go fist to cuffs about the show’s format.

31:00 Lorraine’s desperate attempt to connect Delco, and herself, to the Main Line.

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