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Published May 15, 2019

12 Customer Service is the Secret Sauce


Marketing RV was invited to pull into White Dog Café, Wayne, and hung out for this second episode featuring General Manager Ettore Ceraso. The theme of this episode is simple yet crucial in terms of marketing, and Ettore is an expert on the topic.

A native of Naples, Ettore immigrated to the United States as child and, with his family, settled in Philadelphia where he was educated and took a shine to the restaurant and hotel industry. Ettore says he’s in the service industry. This disposition is key to his success because his mission is not self-service but customer service. It’s that simple! Imagine what that approach can do for your brand, your business, your personal success.

Ettore began his career at The Fountain at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia. He later helped open Davio’s Steak House, where he remained for two decades. Now, he’s on a mission to learn his new Main Line audience as he prepares to open Rosalie’s in the historic Wayne Hotel. White Dog’s executive chef Merick Devine has been tapped to be the executive chef at Rosalie’s. “He blew my socks away,” said Ettore. “After that [tasting], I knew I wanted to join the team.”

Rosalie’s will feature “Italian Soul Food,” a term Lorraine notes was cleverly coined in a popular 2009 publication. Rosalie’s is named after the mother of Fearless Restaurant’s Marty Grims, a visionary who constantly reinvests in the Fearless brand.

Regarding customer service, Ettore said it all begins at the back door, with each member of the team. Training, development, and coaching is vital, and sometimes “our servers coach us,” said Ettore.


00:28 Gene has had enough of Lorraine already.

04:48 Find out what’s new in the Philly restaurant scene.

07:36 Gene reveals the Ritz Carlton’s customer service secret sauce.

08:34 Ettore refuses to give up the Four Seasons secret sauce.

11:27 Where did Rosalie’s get the term Italian Soul Food?

14:38 A preview of the Rosalie experience.

19:18 Gene puts Ettore on the spot!

21:00 Gene asks about the portion sizes at Rosalie’s.

24:54 Ettore’s valuable tip to excellent customer service.

28:06 Learn how you can meet Ettore.

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