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Published May 22, 2019

013 Problem Solving


Lorraine and Gene take Marketing RV on the road to Autograph Brasserie in Wayne, PA. Another of the nine Fearless Restaurants does not disappoint. Typical of these establishments, Autograph provides experiences for the senses—from the exquisite food and creative beverages to the ambiance and well-appointed décor, this restaurant is a must-visit-and-return-often.

Marketing RV guest du jour is Natalie Pantaleo, a creative problem-solving consultant and facilitator with a rich history in Marketing-Communications. By centering her approach on collaboration and a belief that the sum is greater than its parts, she created many meaningful relationships, campaigns, and subsequent success stories. She shares some of these stories as she explains the genius behind Synectics, how she arrived at the program in her career, and how the program has been used successfully for half a century.

According to Natalie, drawing on 50+ years of observing human dynamics, Synectics foiled the things that caused the breakdown in innovation and true problem-solving. Quoting Einstein, she said, “You cannot create a solution within the space where the problem was created.”

Synectics allows participants to think outside themselves through the use of various tools that include language, metaphors, and spring-boarding techniques. “It’s much easier to work feasibility into a new idea than to work newness into a feasible one,” Natalie said.

Anyone in any business or organization will benefit from learning about Synectics through Natalie. Of course, Lorraine and Gene are interested in the benefits from an internal and external marketing perspective, but access to such a program is a must-have in any HR toolbox. Contact Natalie at


02:57 Welcome Natalie Pantaleo—paesano reunion.

05:00 Natalie describes how Synectics solves problems.

08:48 The rule of thirds.

11:00 Synectics uncovers solutions in an innocuous environment.

15:03 The relationship between solutions and our frames of reference.

19:19 Backward-forward thinking.

23:41 The challenge of dealing with egos around the problem-solving table.

28:42 Synectics meets Marketing.

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