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Published May 29, 2019

014 Invoking Multiple Senses for Optimal Marketing


Lorraine and Gene dig deep into the food and beverage to understand the marketing philosophy that differentiates Autograph Brasserie in Wayne, PA from a myriad of restaurants. One of Fearless Restaurants’ nine unique restaurants, Autograph features themed dining areas and every room, including the restrooms, is adorned with signed photos and album covers of noted actors and musicians. From the oversized lounge and the boulevard to the fresh and easy sycamore room and the handsome clubroom, the ambiance is exquisite.

Hospitality is manager Casey Kyler’s main focus. The Katharine Hepburn look-alike has been in the restaurant biz since she was a teenager and with Fearless Restaurants for several years, having managed their White Dog Café in Wayne prior to running Autograph. She said the wow factor at Autograph never gets old. Three years after it first opened, Autograph continues to attract first-time visitors, as well as regulars.

According to Len Boris, Fearless Restaurant’s Beverage Director, naming the restaurants’ signature cocktails is much more challenging than conceptualizing them. Len has a job to envy. He works with the bartenders at each of the restaurants to develop effervescent blends that tantalize the senses, on par with the entire Autograph experience.

As Gene accurately stated, it’s pure genius. “The more senses you invoke, the better you’re remembered.”

Hearing Casey and Len describe Autograph is like listening to artists describe their creation. It’s clear their respective roles are passion-driven, which drives the success at Autograph.

Any business can be as successful when its leaders imbue passion, engage employees, and aim to be hospitable.


01:15 Len describes the Smoked Sazerac

05:59 What sets Autograph apart from the other Fearless Restaurants

08:21 Gene describes his first impression

09:35 Is the sycamore tree real?

11:45 Gene gets Casey to reveal her food bias

14:12 The eye candy

18:54 Gene answers the tough question, “What’s your favorite food?”

21:28 The difference a beverage director and a sommelier

22:29 Len reveals his cocktail differentiator

25:30 Time May Change Me—the cocktail that changes in minutes

27:33 Gene brings it all together, connecting the food and beverage experience to marketing.

31:26 What Len orders at last call.

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