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Published June 4, 2019

015 This Ma & Pa Can Hold Its Own Against Any Madison Ave Marketing Firm


It’s always parochial in Philadelphia! Callistus or Donato’s? That question sparked a very enjoyable, relatable, and interesting conversation between Marketing RV hosts Ranalli and Volpe and Antonella’s Italian Kitchen owners Antonella and Ray Santacroce at their Bryn Mawr, PA establishment. Gene was born and raised in the same neighborhood where Ray and Antonella grew up, albeit a few years after the restaurateurs.

Most restaurants fail within the first year. So, how did Antonella and Ray manage to keep growing their business year after year for 24 years? The secret is literally in the sauce and in everything else they make. With passion for quality and attention to details, this Ma & Pa pair keeps people, product, and process top of mind. The best part about it is that their recipe for success comes naturally to them. What’s even better is that they share it with us! In addition to a half hour of entertainment, you’ll get some good takeaways from this episode.


04:45 We may have uncovered the secret to eating pasta without experiencing the effects of calories.

07:48 Meet the hoagie connoisseur.

09:05 They talk about chicoria as though it’s a delicacy.

09:45 Sliced-to-order is part of Antonella’s brand.

11:01 The difference between picante and piccata.

17:15 The trick to getting Antonella’s to name a hoagie after you.

18:00 The story behind Villanova’s Pesto Scandal.2

26:48 How Antonella’s puts word-of-mouth advertising to work.

30:15 Gene’s offers a simple and very affordable direct marketing solution.

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