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Published June 19, 2019

017 Marketing vs. Business Development with BHCU


Ranalli and Volpe love to eat. We’re just going to start every write-up with that line. We could leave it there but read further to get some info about this episode that will make you want to listen.

When Ranalli put a call out on LinkedIn for a host site for the podcast, BHCU Business Development Officer James Pace offered his company’s conference room. Realizing Marketing RV is usually recorded at a restaurant, the BD pro reached out to one of his clients, On a Roll. To the surprise and delight of the famished hosts, the Media-based lunch spot provided a variety of sandwiches and a gorgeous Caesar salad.

In this episode, learn Jim’s secret to relationship building, how he works seamlessly with Commercial Credit Officer Jerry Dorn to serve business clients and individuals, and how On a Roll topped its location with a restaurant and catering hall, Sopra Italian Eatery, providing fine dining and space for private affairs.

The conversation around this conference room table included views about crypto currency, cashless transactions, implications of the Fed’s Reg-D on individual borrowers, and the differences between Business Development and Marketing.


04:56 The story behind the BHCU name

07:20 Understanding Reg-D …or trying

10:50 Talking about the bread that matters, On a Roll

15:00 Taking on big banking

16:30 What? BHCU is giving out money?

20:10 Questioning the largess of big credit unions

23:45 Thoughts about crypto currency & regulations

26:33 She wrote what in the memo line of a check?

28:36 The difference between business development and marketing

32:10 Get a BHCU Delco t-shirt

33:33 Jim announces his digits!

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