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Published June 26, 2019

018 Internal Communication Affects Marketing


Ranalli asks Volpe if Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret can be applied at the organizational level, which triggers a healthy conversation about personal fortitude, communication strategy, and servant leadership—all of which directly impact corporate culture.

The Secret was the catalyst for the discussion because Gene recently prompted Lorraine to re-read the book. Simultaneously, she re-read The Little Money Bible. Through an analysis of the books’ themes, Ranalli and Volpe concluded that the concepts in both, along with dozens of similar books, can most definitely have a positive impact on organizations of any size. Buy-in from the very top and including every level of leadership down the totem pole is the secret (pun intended) to making the philosophy successful.

Caution: avoid an authoritarian “top-down” organizational structure. Create an organically positive culture through servant leadership. At any level, an entitlement attitude will never produce lasting results.

As Gene so succinctly states, going from A to Z does not happen without work. His secret to staying positive is focusing on the big picture, the win. In the words Motivational Speaker Tony Robbins, “know your outcome.” Hire properly to ensure the outcome is embraced company-wide

Effective marketing begins on the inside with consistent and clear internal communication. An organization’s best ambassadors are its people. Internal communication drives external marketing. Properly done, Inside-out Marketing will increase an organization’s bottom line.

This episode of Marketing RV was recorded at BHCU. The Marketing RV music bed is provided Chico’s Vibe.


01:49 Jesus Marketing

02:55 Sizing up Zuckerberg

04:45 When to zip it during the sale

09:30 The story behind Lorraine’s $5,000,000 check

10:45 How grudges hold us back

13:30 Gene identifies the missing ingredient to success

14:04 Gene’s trick to dealing with negative situations

18:43 How The Secret can be implemented organizationally

20:52 Gary V’s pruning process

21:31 The loyalty factor

23:13 Culture eats strategy for lunch every day.

24:40 When loyalty trumps culture

25:00 Inside-out Marketing

28:38 From podcast to broadcast media, taking the show terrestrial

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