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Published July 4, 2019

019 Surveillance Techniques Create New Insurance Opportunities


Have you ever found yourself talking about something like shoes, and then the next time you’re on Facebook ads for shoes populate in your newsfeed? Perhaps you noticed car ads on unrelated sites you surfed after having searched a few auto dealerships. Technology is great, isn’t it? Marketers are living the dream with tools that help them better target audiences.

That same technology is being used to track the patterns of those with video doorbells. When your home and away patterns have been established, that information can be sold so that marketers can better direct sales pitches. 

Neato, right? What happens when that information winds up in the hands of thieves and hackers? In this episode of Marketing RV, Ranalli and Volpe discuss the risks of technological convenience with Insurance Agent Andrew Beaver at Carmine’s Parkside, in Chester Springs, PA. You can read more in the New York Time’s series, The Privacy Project.

Also, find out which social media platform Andrew, a quintessential millennial, prefers. Plus, Andrew’s predictions about the future of insurance and how it benefits consumers.

This episode of Marketing RV was recorded at Carmine’s Parkside. The Marketing RV music bed is provided Chico’s Vibe.


02:50 Partnering is the best way to increase presence in the community.

04:25 Social media breeds serendipitous moments.

10:00 Keyless door entry hacked.

11:45 Google sting reveals nefarious algorithm plot. 

13:00 Joe Rogan grills Twitter free speech rules—a Saudi connection?

21:00 Andrew’s prediction about the future of insurance premiums.

25:00 Insuring deliveries to your home and other niche insurance projects.

28:17 Video doorbell thief caught and charged.

29:01 Smart doorbell sells migration patterns to marketers.

32:01 Is your iPhone thumbprint part of a wider database? 

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