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Published July 10, 2019

020 Four Marketing Methods that Work for Carmine’s Pizzeria


Sitting in a booth at Carmine’s Parkside with two of the managers, Marketing RV with Ranalli and Volpe uncovers an unintentional marketing strategy that works well for the Chester Springs, Pennsylvania pizzeria. Adopt these four methods and make the strategy work well for your business, too.

  1. Word of mouth is the oldest and most effective form of publicity. If your product and service are good, this will be of utmost use to you.
  2. Supporting the community through sponsorship ingratiates your brand and builds trust. 
  3. Any opportunity to groom employees is an opportunity to teach work ethic, especially when the business attracts young, first-time workers. Do this well, and you will have life-long brand ambassadors.
  4. Get social. In addition to sponsorships, ads, and your occasional flier, be present and engaging on social media. 

You can read the story of Carmine’s Parkside in the original print-run of Gravy Wars | South Philly Foods, Feuds & Attytudes

In this episode, you’ll meet Dan, the young manager who delivered pizza for Carmine’s as a college student and graduated to a leadership position. Gene asked if he’d like to own a pizzeria of his own one day. He does not but enjoys what he is doing at this stage of his life. Responding diplomatically, Dan told Gene the decision to open a restaurant is case by case—dependent upon the owner’s penchant for demanding, hands-on work.

Taking her turn at putting Dan on the spot, Lorraine asked how he his psychology degree to his current role as a pizzeria manager. Dan said he finds watching and learning about people interesting and, using the skills he learned, he reads people to create a better dining experience. 

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Shout out to Chico’s Vibe for the music bed!


00:50 Lorraine presents Gene with a Cucina Chatter T-shirt.

03:45 A look into Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History.

06:20 Butchering the owner’s resume.

08:45 The best decision Gene’s made all week.

09:38 Word of mouth is the strongest form advertising for Carmine’s.

10:50 Dan explains passing up a big boy job for Carmine’s.

13:22 Gene can’t get enough of the spinach wrap.

14:36 From gravy to public speaking.

16:00 The gravy vs. sauce controversy.

18:30 Pizza fries defined.

19:20 Gene’s dream occupation. 

22:00 Gene and Lorraine take turns putting Dan on the spot. 

26:01 Dan’s Insta handle—or not!

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