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Published July 17, 2019

021 Integrated Marketing with Cetlin Design


With so many channels of communication at our fingertips, literally, it is imperative to remember that Integrated Marketing is and always has been a key to success and sustainability. Marketing RV with Ranalli and Volpe dropped by the studio of Cetlin Design Group, where creativity abounds, and chatted with Founder Larry Cetlin. 

Has electronic communication merely changed the art of design or has the art been compromised permanently? 

“In our world, people still need professional graphics for printed sales material, signs, digital ads, etc.,” said Larry. “…and it has to be integrated.” 

Among the many marketing tips this seasoned pro imparted was the necessity for consistency. With so many organizations and sole proprietors making social media a part of their overall marketing strategy, it is just as important as ever to ensure your brand’s image is consistent. Inconsistency creates confusion and, as Gene so clearly explained, once you create confusion in a confusion-ridden world, you lose business.

Is the business world operating in a state of mediocrity?

Unfortunately, even large organizations will sacrifice professionally designed unique graphics, photos, and text for mass produced, inexpensive content. Gene and Larry agreed that marketing pendulum has swung in the direction of analytics, or measurable results. Lorraine questioned whether ROI would be greater with high quality consistent branding. How sad it is to think that with all the technology available to procure high-quality output at a rapid pace, many are satisfied with their amateur persona. 

Community Relations and Longevity

Support for your community is yet another channel for impact. Gene began the show by expressing his gratitude to Larry for Cetlin Design Group’s commitment to the Newtown Square Petticoat League, a girls’ softball organization where the two have coached. This is yet another in the lengthy list of coincidences for Marketing RV; it is not the reason Larry appeared on the podcast.  

Sponsoring a local team or event is practicing responsible stewardship. The byproduct is publicity. While not always measurable, such PR is memorable—a notion supported by several stories told in this show.  
Partnering is a surefire way to promote your brand, which is why Lorraine and Gene take Marketing RV on the road and talk business with interesting guests. If your business would like to sponsor and host Marketing RV, contact us here.

Shout out to Chico’s Vibe for the music bed!


03:40 Dry July

03:51 Gene drops it!

05:27 Gratitude marketing

09:30 Supporting the community is good PR.

13:40 Recognizing people from Social Media

17:00 Why integrated marketing matters

18:00 Click through rates

21:13 Starting with the end goal in mind

24:30 Is hand-drawing a lost art?

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