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Published July 24, 2019

022 The Cyclical Nature of Marketing


Part II of Marketing RV with Ranalli and Volpe with special guest Larry Cetlin of Cetlin Design Group, focuses on the cyclical nature of marketing. By trade, Larry is an artist. In a matter of minutes, Larry can translate your concepts into a freehand sketch. Given the digital landscape, he has adapted his raw talent to various new media over the years. 

Larry’s perspective is invaluable because he has seen it all over the years. In fact, he said that direct mail is making a comeback simply because it is once again novel to receive advertisements via USPS. He affirms the often-arrived-at conclusion that relationship building is of utmost importance. To the surprise and delight of Gene Volpe, Larry prefers building relationships over food. 

WARNING: Do not listen to this episode on an empty stomach unless you are looking for restaurant recommendations. This episode begins and ends with a lot of food talk.

In addition to getting to know prospects and clients, another benefit to building relationships over lunch is the likelihood that a favorable decision will be made on a full belly, according to Larry.

Tapping into his unrivaled experience, Gene asked Larry to share his top three pieces of marketing advice. When analyzing a new client’s marketing, Larry always takes into consideration the following:

  • The quality of the organization’s website and brand integration across all marketing collateral
  • The quality and relevance of the organization’s brand identity as it relates to the target audience—logos, style guide, communication channels, etc.
  • He evaluates sales to determine how results relate to the business as a whole. Are the right people in the right places to achieve goals?

Despite the ability to develop or purchase marketing collateral on the cheap, unique brand identity is imperative to standing out in this age of communication overload. That means, you have to be creative with your brand, which means you must hire a professional. Most product developers and service providers are good at what they do, and they’d be well served to hire a professional to handle their marketing.

“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.”

The Bonus Track

Okay, it’s not really a track, but toward the end of the show, Gene explained why uploading to YouTube alone is not enough. This is why Gene is the Digital Architect. One of the services at which GVI Media excels is placing video on multiple sites to optimize organic views and publicity. You can do this yourself, but without the right tools, it will eat up precious time that could be better spent generating revenue. Hire the pros to do this for you.

Bringing the episode full circle, Gene recommended that Larry revive his food blog, Lunch with Larry, and go full Dave Portnoy with it.

Partnering is a surefire way to promote your brand, which is why Lorraine and Gene take Marketing RV on the road and talk business with interesting guests. If your business would like to sponsor and host Marketing RV, contact us here.  Shout out to Chico’s Vibe for the music bed!

Shout out to Chico’s Vibe for the music bed!


01:44 The info on the back of Larry’s card

02:24 Eat around the DelVal with Larry

05:56 The Lunch with Larry blog

06:53 Gene’s hesitant question

10:09 Get to know Google ad words and retargeting

15:28 Clarification about who is breathing

15:54 Direct mail comeback

18:00 Responsive websites

23:30 The importance of having an online presence

25:45 Larry’s top three pieces of free client advice

27:18 Biggest challenge in the graphic world today

29:02 Why uploading to YouTube alone is not enough

31:20 Gene recommends that Larry go Dave Portnoy with his food blog.

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