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Published August 21, 2019

026 Metadata Marketing


Where do you draw the line between marketing and eavesdropping, or is there a line to be drawn? The collection of metadata and how it affects anyone using any sort of web-related technology is the main topic of discussion in this episode of Marketing RV with Ranalli & Volpe. Marketing RV’s second video podcast picks up where Episode 025, Promotional Potpourri, fell short. That is, a detailed discussion about the Netflix’s The Great Hack

It all begins with the HBO documentary Citizenfour about NSA whistleblower Ed Snowden, who unveiled how much data the government was keeping on us. Gene says Citizenfour is the precursor to The Great Hack, the documentary about the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica Scandal. Lorraine is skeptical about all of it, but Gene insists that she’ll be convinced after watching that these movies are accurate depictions. Ironically, The Great Hack ends with the question, “Are you a persuadable?” 

In the end, we all have to make our own determination about any news we consume. Gene and Lorraine agree that it is okay to disagree, and they encourage it but are clearly fans of empathy and non-judgment, which seem to be lost in a lot of dialog these days. 

As for data collection, it’s a marketer’s dream, making the task of messaging easier. If you like privacy, however, you’d better read the fine print before clicking “OK” online.

Check out Episode 3 of the podcast Ask us Anything, where Gene trashes Lorraine. Also, come out to the Moshulu on Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia Tuesday, August 27 to be part of the the Marketing RV podcast. Lorraine and Gene have again been invited by Fearless Restaurants to podcast during happy hour, 4:00 p.m. 

Partnering is a surefire way to promote your brand, which is why we take Marketing RV on the road and talk business with interesting guests. If your business would like to sponsor and host Marketing RV, contact us here.  
Shout out to Chico’s Vibe for the music bed!


08:57 When are kids old enough to have phones and social media?

09:25 Metadata in phone photos

11:11 Patterns that parents can recognize regarding children’s tech use.

12:00 Ed Snowden and the Citizenfour documentary

16:53 Why social media sites changed their privacy policies

18:40 The Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal

19:56 Gene’s attempt to stay out of politics

22:53 The Persuadables

26:35 Are you woke?

30:48 Media-created self-fulfilling prophecies

38:40 Understand how much data you give away and how it affects marketing toward you.

40:00 Lorraine’s attempt to be Cousin It (ya gotta see the video)

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