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Published September 18, 2019

029 Moshulu, Part I: Marketing History with Michelle Delp


The Moshulu was the ship shown bringing Vito Andolini (Corleone) to New York in Godfather part 2, but it was actually not a passenger vessel. The 115-year-old four-masted sailboat was used to transport and store coal, other cargo, and mostly grains at some point during its life. Before being towed to the U.S. in 1970, the Moshulu played a role in both World Wars and had multiple owners in multiple countries. It’s not clear whether the ship was purchased directly from the Finnish government by American Specialty Restaurant Corporation or if Walt Disney Company made the purchase that brought the ship to the states. Regardless, extremely interesting tidbits of history are revealed in this episode of Marketing RV with Ranalli & Volpe

In the first of a two-part interview, Moshulu General Manager Michelle Delp gives a virtual tour of this humongous ship that holds up to 2,000 people on multiple decks in bars, dining rooms, and on dance floors. Fearless Restaurants bought the ship docked at Philadelphia’s historic Penn’s Landing in 1993 and has enjoyed much success with waterfront dining. Michelle began her career as a Fearless Restaurants server and ascended to her current position. She shares some insider information about how Fearless leverages the ship’s popularity and intrigue to market the restaurant. She also explains how the Fearless Restaurants name relates to the ship.  

This broadcast was recorded on The Deck, the wheelhouse and upper most deck of the Moshulu. Partnering is a surefire way to promote your brand, which is why we take Marketing RV on the road and talk business with interesting guests. If your business would like to sponsor and host Marketing RV, contact us here.  


04:11 Virtual tour of the Moshulu

08:30 History of the Moshulu

11:10 How Fearless Restaurants got its name

13:30 The haunts—Moshulu has its share of ghost stories

17:15 Seasons expand and business grows

19:50 Banquet business

22:00 Themed dinners: Gatsby, Disco, Marti Gras, etc. 

22:30 The Big Gay Boat Party

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