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Published September 25, 2019

030 3 Management Tips from Moshulu GM Michelle Delp


Nightlife helps steer The Moshulu’s popularity thanks to Kevin Friel, Director of Special Events and Nightlife for Fearless Restaurants. In this episode of Marketing RV, Ranalli & Volpe discussed some of the themed events hosted by the Moshulu. It’s the second of a two-part interview with Moshulu General Manager Michelle Delp where we learn about the Cannabis party and the Emo Sad & Boujee concert. What? You have to listen. 

In addition, we not only learn Michelle’s full name, but she also shares her Fearless journey, unwittingly providing a behind-the-scenes peak into the restaurant business and three management tips:

  • Show appreciation to your staff and they will be happy and productive.
  • Adapt readily to new technology for efficiency. It will also keep you relevant. 
  • Be proactive. Fearless Restaurants has as standard policy “table confirmation,” which basically means that within a short amount of time after being served, a manager has to confirm customer satisfaction. That way, any discrepancies can be rectified on the spot. 

As you’ll hear in this interview, Michelle’s management style is conducive to a positive workplace. How else would she be able to get as many as nine or ten employees to come into work on a moment’s notice when a last-minute party pops up?

This broadcast was recorded on The Deck, the wheelhouse and upper most deck of the Moshulu at Philadelphia’s historic Penn’s Landing. Partnering is a surefire way to promote your brand, which is why we take Marketing RV on the road and talk business with interesting guests. If your business would like to sponsor and host Marketing RV, contact us here.  
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03:30 The Cannabis party is on Deck

04:15 Sad and Boujee

06:04 Lorraine’s approach to Marketing

07:46 How Moshulu promotes its events

09:00 The uh-oh moment

12:23 Michelle capitalizes on staff using their cell phones

15:00 A Walkie Talkie app

15:50 POS defined

22:34 Michelle’s menu picks

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