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Published October 10, 2019

032 Seth Lejeune


Seth Lejeune is a realtor, marketer, writer, podcaster, and Renaissance man. Keep your eyes on this guy. He was also the featured guest on Episode 32 of Marketing RV with Ranalli & Volpe. Broadcasting from Nick’s Roast Beef in West Chester, Pa., on a weekday afternoon, Seth came onto the show because he has a genuine interest in chatting with people about business and life. 

That interest was also the impetus for The Mastermind Book Club, which Seth started with previous Marketing RV guest Andrew Beaver (Episode 19—Surveillance Techniques Create New Insurance Opportunities). “The Mastermind Book Club is a group of likeminded professionals who each have a goal of personal growth and development who come together once a month for a mastermind discussion framed around a business or personal development book they have been reading throughout the month. We exist to help members become a better version of themselves and meet their personal and professional goals through self-directed reading and group discussions.”

Seth and Andrew are two of the three hosts of Ask Us Anything, a podcast that covers a range of topics, including personal development, society, and marketing. Seth said the general rule for the show is simply to keep it interesting and not to use the platform to sell.

“Ask Seth Anything” is the monthly article Seth writes for his blog and for his client base. He personally prints the article, signs each copy, stuffs them into envelopes, and drops them at the post office. His clients have come to look forward to the personal mailing and the wisdom contained within. The articles Seth writes answer questions about real estate. 

Even though Seth is a real estate agent (Berkshire Hathaway in Malvern, Pa.), this podcast is more about how behavioral marketing affects sales in any industry. With just under five years in the business, Seth has found remarkable success because he applied business acumen he acquired while working for years with the family business, Rivercrest golf course, Phoenixville, Pa. Seth is keen on studying others to be efficient in his sales approach. “You need a high emotional IQ in this business,” he said. 

Regarding branding, Seth said authenticity is essential but there is such a thing as being too authentic, or TMI. He gave examples of the fine line between authenticity and branding that should not be crossed. Everything we do in life impacts our branding, intentionally or not. Even though Seth’s podcast is not intended as a sales avenue, it does promote his brand. When it comes to advertising, though, he prefers direct mail and Facebook. 

Lorraine expressed doubt about the effectiveness of social media marketing, a point to which Seth and Gene conceded but Gene added, “Once social media self-corrects, it’ll be at the top of the heap again.”
That means social media marketing is bound to get really expensive. Seth said he’d stick to what he’s doing because he doesn’t need to spend big bucks on social to reach his defined audience. Ranalli and Volpe are huge fans of organic marketing, too. Cooperative marketing tends to be organic and very successful. Partnering is a surefire way to promote your brand, which is why we take Marketing RV on the road and talk business with interesting guests. If your business would like to sponsor and host Marketing RV, contact us here


06:10 Is it better to pay off your mortgage or invest that “extra money”? Seth opines about Dave Ramsey.

09:00 The benefits of real estate investment.

12:50 The one topic most couples won’t discuss.

13:56 Seth’s first step when working with home sellers. 

16:36 How Seth’s construction background formed his current career success.

21:00 Seth’s secret marketing bullet.

22:50 BombBomb’s open rate as compared to physical mail. 

24:30 How to not be a douche. 

27:50 Seth predicts social media will soon take over all other forms of advertising.

31:00 The Mastermind Book Club

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