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Published January 22, 2020

039 Forensic Accounting with Bob Simpson, Welcome to 2020


Picking up where episode 038 left off, Marketing RV with Ranalli & Volpe continued to get the inside scoop on identity and tax fraud from Bob Simpson, Partner at Brinker Simpson & Company. You’ll never believe who was revealed to be the fraudster in one of the cases for which Bob’s firm was hired to investigate.

The need for Forensic Accounting has led to college courses and entire majors on the subject. Before delving into more CSI stories, Bob schooled the hosts on sales tax and how states track out-of-state purchases. 

As Bob shared more stories about corporate and municipal theft, it became clear that ample oversight and accountability is a solid deterrent. Bob provides several suggestions for shielding yourself and loved ones, especially the elderly, from theft and fraud. 
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08:20 How the states track sales tax and out of sales purchases 

14:30 Corporate and municipal fraud on the rise

16:06 Thieves and fraudsters come in all forms 

21:00 Admin steals from car dealer but a stupid mistake reveals her theft

23:25 Bob’s prior life includes owning a beer distributor

25:28 Safeguards to prevent corporate and personal theft 

28:05 How to protect elderly parents and loved ones

30:00 Promoting education about ID theft and fraud18:50 Corporate and municipal theft run amok 

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