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Published January 29, 2020

040 Lorraine & Gene get naked about their 2020 vision


Setting the tone for the new year and associated business planning, this episode of Marketing RV with Ranalli & Volpe gets naked, in the candid sense, about a 2020 vision. For most businesses, this sort of discussion would be private and confidential. Instead, we sort through our first-year growing pains publicly to reveal our principal goal for the new year.

After Gene regales us with his wardrobe secrets, we discuss criticism we received in 2019 and how it helped us hone our podcast strategy. We are on fire and ready to deliver the best marketing podcast on the web. With your continued feedback and help spreading the word, we’ll exceed our goal by mid-year.

Tell us what specific area of marketing you’d like to hear about, and we’ll find the expert and bring him/her on the show.

See the highlights below to skip to your favorite part or just listen to the whole darn show. It’s one car ride. Seriously, we are extremely grateful for your time and we want to make it worth your while, so your feedback is important to us.

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03:45 Getting naked…’s a branding thing.
04:40 2020 Vision, setting our goal for Marketing RV
10:01 Criticism about the podcast and how R & V are handling it
11:00 Focus groups; are they still a thing?
13:00 Gene explains his personal/professional breakthrough
16:10 Gene gets weepy
19:30 A system for getting your business good online reviews
22:00 Annie Duke’s book and Gene’s connection to Annie
24:50 Business book recommendations
26:00 Jesse Itzler
26:47 David Goggins
28:57 Mastermind Book Club

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