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Published March 4, 2020

Episode 045 – Seth Lejeune, The Selling of A President

This episode goes off the rails from the beginning! Seth Lejeune, of Ask Seth Anything, draws a connection between politics and marketing setting off one of the Marketing RV with Ranalli & Volpe hosts (guess which) and priming the other to agitate further (guess which).

All the yackers in this episode agree that marketing political thought is big business, which is an undeniable fact in this current political cycle that will see billions of ad dollars spent on both sides of the aisle. Where our guest and a host differ slightly is the ability of campaign spending to persuade constituents at large in this day and age.

The conversation may make you slightly uncomfortable but is in no way meant to persuade, proselytize, or provoke. It’s just business—the business of marketing. Suffice it to say all sorts of media outlets will be the big winners this year, reaping ad revenue like never before.

See the highlights below for links to specific topics discussed in this episode.

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02:34 Seth on Bloomberg’s campaign marketing (read: spending)
05:18 Data points per voter
07:00 Understand what you are consuming
12:39 The noise behind political races
13:15 Reliability of The Great Hack
14:10The death of journalism
18:48 First National Bank of Boston et al. v. Bellotti
22:43 The new Last Frontier
24:30 Trump rally phenomena
26:00 Ask Lorraine anything
27:18 Seth & Lorraine disagree about Trump’s true appeal
30:20 The Art of War

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